2.10 ct Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

2.10 carat emerald cut set in a version of our RS-275 pave design. Notice the detailing on the underside of the center-stone where the pave diamonds go from prong to prong in contrast to our signature wrap designs where it goes over the prongs. A subtle difference for sure but just another detail to think about when customizing your LaurenB ring


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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3 carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a Diamond Scarf Wrap

3 carat plus round cut diamond in with our RS-122 engagement ring design with a signature diamond scarf wrap beneath. Find this model on our website: http://www.laurenbjewelry.com/lepozzi-1-40-ct-round-diamond-white-gold-engagement-ring.html

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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1.30 ct Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold

Rose gold version of our popular RS-63 design shown here with an elongated 1.30 carat cushion cut center. We have seen this ring style in every color metal with almost ever center diamond shape/size/quality imaginable. The result is always fantastic and our clients walk away thrilled

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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2.75 ct Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Another two-tone beauty directly from our custom workshop model # RS-275. This one features a gorgeous oval diamond in a fully pave detailed white gold wire basket top, resting comfortably on a delicate yellow gold band. Why the two-tone and not all one color metal? There are many answers to this such as preserving the color of the center-stone, adding a unique yet subtle touch and creating a beautiful contrast just to name a few. Keep in mind every ring design on our website can be custom created in any color combination you like


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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1.8 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

1.8 carat square cushion cut diamond in our classic halo design model# RS-31; shown with a flush fit matching band. Many of our engagement ring styles are already made to sit close with a wedding band however upon request we can assure you there will be no space between the two rings such as this combination. We always say don’t base your engagement ring setting choice solely on the wedding band to go with it, but it is certainly something to keep in mind as you design your dream ring


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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3 carat Elongated Radiant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Back to the dimond’s & this beauty: a 3 carat elongated radiant cut diamond in an all rose gold everything micropave design. This ring features our signature pave scarf wrapping the center-stone underneath and a delicate band for a floating style effect. Do not get scared by the 3 carat diamond price tag as this ring can be made for ANY size or quality center diamond of your liking. Inquire about model# RS-277 on www.laurenb.com


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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What Could Happen With Kim Kardashian’s Stolen $4M Diamond Engagement Ring?

Reports suggest the masked men who made off with million worth of Kim Kardashian West’s jewelry are believed to have taken her prized 15-carat diamond ring. Many are questioning how such a famous piece could fly under the radar. The president of the Jewelers Security Alliance said in order to fence a ring that recognizable, thieves would likely have to find a corrupt jeweler to change the shape and size. Such rare diamond rings are etched with a serial number not visible to the naked eye.


2.19 ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring + Eternity Band

Watch this 2.19 carat round diamond in another delicate plain band engagement ring design; model# SOR-14950 on www.laurenb.com. At first glance it may look like a super simple solitaire ring but upon closer inspection you will notice the pave diamond detailing along the basket which gives it a nice touch of sparkle from the profile view. Looks great paired with our bezel set eternity band and the band is super delicate and completely rounded to ensure the most comfortable of fits when on your hand. Diamond bands are certainly gorgeous but these plain ones are something to consider.


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

#Jewelers #NYC #diamonds #jewelry #NewYork #micropave #engagementrings #handmade #ring #rounddiamond #wedding #proposal #diamond #brilliant #brilliantcut #happy #love #knot #theknot #fiancee #bride-to-be #bride #engagementring #customring #diamondring #gold #platinum #laurenb #laurenbjewelry


Big Diamond Engagement Rings Under $50,000 – Affordable Price Ever!

+1(212) 921-4647

Big Diamond Engagement Rings under ,000. Very affordable prices for very high quality and finest diamonds ever!

Find the best deals on Mike Nekta’s Diamond Engagement Rings for Big Diamond. Shop by price, color, locally and more. Shop with confidence.

Learn more about diamonds, precious metals, selecting a jewelry gift, or choosing a diamond engagement ring!

Leave your comments and I am willing to reply every single one of them.

Be sure to give it a thumb’s up on YouTube and comment on my blog and subscribe in my YT Channel, there is more of this and are coming up.

Contact (212) 921-4647 for more info or visit: http://mikenekta.com/ today!

A past member of the Jewelers of America Organization, Gemological Institute of America Alumni and America Business owner. Mike Nekta will educate you on diamond buying and help you discover everything about breathtaking Custom made engagement rings to impressive designer Bridal Jewelry as well as other diamond jewelry. Mike Nekta is located in New York City Diamond District. Steps from Rockefeller Center and Times Square.

Mike Nekta has created numerous Beautiful detail oriented diamond engagement and diamond wedding bands. No Diamond is too big for Mike Nekta, for the past decade, Mike Nekta has specialized in larger sized diamonds. Schedule free consultation +1(212) 921-4647



2 carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Check it out! Model# RS-232 “invisible gallery” ring. This super sleek design, with its gently sloped band and pave wrap detailing, makes for the perfect setting for this premium 2 carat oval cut doamond. Another custom ring from LaurenB that hits the sweet spot


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

#Jewelers #NYC #diamonds #jewelry #NewYork #micropave #engagementrings #handmade #ring #rounddiamond #wedding #proposal #diamond #brilliant #brilliantcut #happy #love #knot #theknot #fiancee #bride-to-be #bride #engagementring #customring #diamondring #gold #platinum #laurenb #laurenbjewelry


4 carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Press play and prepare to be WOWED. This is model# RS-272, a spin-off of our increasingly popular “Invisible Gallery” design, which has all the aspects of the original style with the addition of a three row micro-pave band. Our client was after something truly original and we worked with them to incorporate a more dimensional look that sparkles from all directions. We would be foolish to not mention the absolutely stunning 4 carat oval diamond in the center BUT keep in mind we can customize this exact exact design for any size or quality center-stone of your choice in any color metal.


Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

#Jewelers #NYC #diamonds #jewelry #NewYork #micropave #engagementrings #handmade #ring #rounddiamond #wedding #proposal #diamond #brilliant #brilliantcut #happy #love #knot #theknot #fiancee #bride-to-be #bride #engagementring #customring #diamondring #gold #platinum #laurenb #laurenbjewelry


Top 10 Engagement Rings 2015

We’re counting down our top engagement rings for 2015.
Did your engagement ring make the list?


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3 carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Ending the week on a strong note 💪💍. Brand new engagement ring model # VNR-14632 features a super 3 carat #princess cut center diamond wrapped with pave underneath, atop a split band covered with pave diamonds. As always everything flows together perfectly and additional details along the gallery bridge give it a polished, finished look from every viewpoint. Available for purchase or custom order on www.laurenb.com

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

#Jewelers #NYC #diamonds #jewelry #NewYork #micropave #engagementrings #handmade #ring #rounddiamond #wedding #proposal #diamond #brilliant #brilliantcut #happy #love #knot #theknot #fiancee #bride-to-be #bride #engagementring #customring #diamondring #gold #platinum #laurenb #laurenbjewelry


10 Best Engagement Rings 2016

CLICK FOR WIKI ►► https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-engagement-rings?id=ytdesc

Engagement Rings Reviewed In This Wiki:
ND Outlet – Engagement
Amazon Princess Quad
DazzlingRock Collection Vintage
Amazon Rose Gold Morganite/Diamond
Houston Diamond District Princess
DazzlingRock Collection Vintage
Kobelli Moissanite
VIP Jewelry Art
Szul T.W Diamond Halo
Diamond Square Radiant


How to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings: Tips, Comparison, C’s, Save 1 Carat on Finger Hand 2 1/2 3/4 .5

Where I Buy Diamonds: http://goo.gl/6goze8

How to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings: Tips, Comparison, C’s, Save 1 Carat on Finger Hand 2 1/2 3/4 .5

In this tutorial video I will go over how jewelry stores trick you into paying more for bad diamonds, where to buy beautiful, affordable and real diamonds for less than jewelry stores, and how to buy diamond engagement rings using the four C’s.

This Diamond is from a Jewelry Store I went to. See here it is about 5,800 dollars later you’ll see you can get this for 2000 dollars less. We will use this 1 carat diamond ring on the finger or hand for this tutorial.

First let’s look at the four C’s in order of importance.

Carat! Or The Weight of the Diamond is most important to most people because it is how big the diamond is. Our Diamond is the 1 Carat you see here in the diamond size comparison.

Cut, is the next important and also how Jewelry stores trick you the most. When cut precisely the diamond bounces, or refracts light back at you to make it sparkle. When cut perfectly it refracts the maximum amount of light back at you through the diamond so it sparkles at its peak. Cut is graded from Good to Excellent or Ideal.

Hiding the diamond cut is the most common way jewelers get you to buy an inferior diamond. Like here they cover up the poorly cut diamonds with Beautiful lights that make the diamond sparkle no matter how terrible its cut. Then the store doesn’t even mention the diamond cut in the specs instead they try and make the inexperienced shopper think the Shape of the Cut, like princess or round, and The Symmetry are the same as the Grade of the cut. Very Tricky but no mention of the cut grade here. That is how they get away with not mentioning the REAL cut grade. Normally cut is measured like this here from a website I have linked to in this video. It is from good to excellent. So judging by the symmetry of this diamond it is probably just good or worse.

The next important Feature is the Clarity. Which is the diamond measurement of how many defects there are, how visible the defects are, and how cloudy the diamond is. Which all contributes to how sparlkly and vibrant the diamond is. I’s are visible defects and get less visible to IF .

Color. This is graded from Yellow to Colorless. D being the most colorless. This is an area where a lot of people decide to cut back because you can’t really tell how colorless a diamond is unless another one is right next to it. But J here is not a great color and pretty yellow. Though we will see after I show you the savings how this isn’t even that true. I personally like G and Above.

Briefly, to get the best price on real beautiful diamonds you need to buy them online. Watch my other videos for in depth explanations on this.

You can see here I plug in the same details from the diamond I found at the jewelry store. This same quality diamond online is 3600 dollars. The Jewelry Store Diamond was 5788 dollars. That is a savings of over 2,000 dollars.

This leads me to my personal sixth C. Certification.

Now as if the Jewelry Store hadn’t tried to rip you off enough. That savings of 2000 dollars is based on the fact that the two diamonds we looked at are equal. In fact they are not. The online diamond was actually way better. Let me explain. Look at these two diamonds. They have all the same specs. Yet, you can tell the one on the left is way better! The one on the right looks scrathy & terrible. How is this possible if it says they are the same quality? You can see the Diamond on the left is certified by GIA. It is the most accurate and the Gold Standard for Diamond Certification. The one on the right is a bad laboratory. If the diamond has a GIA certification you can trust that the diamond you buy is what the website or store says it is and lives up to all its specifications. No matter what light they shine or trick they use. It also ensures that the diamond is Predictably Beautiful and High Quality when you receive it.

Going Back, The Diamond at the mall Jeweler was certified by IGL which is a lower certifcation method that inflates its numbers to rip you off.

EGL is a for profit lab. They are very lenient in the grading system. When compared to GIA this diamond will be closer to a K/L color.

In short, if the jeweler uses another certification besides GIA. They are trying to sell you a lesser diamond. Which means the store diamond we looked at is even worse than it reports and is actually about 3000$ overpriced when compared to a GIA diamond on the website I have linked to in this video.

How to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings – Diamond Rings – Affordable Diamonds – Diamond Shopping Guide – Diamond Buying Tutorial


How to Buy Cheap Engagement Rings. *Best Affordable Diamond Ring Beautiful Online Real

Affordable Diamond Finder:

I was able to save over 3,000 dollars on cheap engagement rings and I want to share how with everyone how I found and affordable diamond ring. What’s best is that I was able to do it with an even better center diamond than the on I found at the local jeweler. Engagement rings are so over priced because their intrinsic vs extrinsic value.

By watching this video you will learn a few steps so that you may save money and find a diamond ring that is great quality. It is the best way to save money in my opinion to make every happy. By saving money in your wallet yet giving the girl you love the better quality she deserves. Follow these ease steps on how to save money on cheap engagement rings with great diamond quality.

Make sure you buy a Diamond that will save you money. You can get the Best Affordable Diamond Ring that is Real and it will be cheaper than most Jewelers.

Affordable Diamond Finder:
http://goo.gl/6goze8 (Affiliate)



Diamond engagement rings – james allen engagement rings

Diamond engagement rings – http://www.engagement-rings-info.org – for further information – Click the links below for details, or to buy the rings in this video – When you propose, you’ll want to have a ring. But diamond engagement rings are tricky things. How do you find the one she’ll love ’til death do us part?

The first thing you should do is look at her existing jewelry. Does she like ornate jewelry or does she keep it simple? If she works with her hands, she may need you to consider the tasks she routinely performs when you choose the ring, Engagement rings are available in just about every metal and every precious stone. Gemstone rings can be beautiful, but diamonds are the most popular selection for engagement rings. If diamonds are the thing for her, and you usually can’t lose with diamonds, you should start out by being generally aware of how to pick a good diamond. Familiarize yourself with the four C’s; cut, clarity, color, and carat. Knowing these will help you to avoid being taken advantage of by salesmen and ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

Diamond conveys beauty, wealth, and power. In ancient times as well as in the modern day setting, this precious stone is considered one of the most expensive possessions a person could ever have.

Pave setting: This is composed of one diamond that is at the center, along with a lot of small diamonds that are embedded on the metal band. The little diamonds appear to make up the whole band.

01 Pave Knife Edge – http://goo.gl/fpymQ
02 Split Shank Pave Set – http://goo.gl/PxXnI
03 Split Shank Pave Set Diamond – http://goo.gl/2x9Gu
04 Baguette and Round Pave Set – http://goo.gl/IZsIl
05 Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/0HgIP
06 Split Shank Designer Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/3ddRX
07 Braided Pave Set Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/SwISA

In this video are some of the best of James Allen’s engagement rings. James Allen is one of the most outstanding engagement ring retailers and well worth a look.

create an engagement ring – diamond band engagement rings
diamond engagement ring – pave set engagement rings – best engagement ring – james allen engagement rings


3 carat Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Ovals and cushions are all the craze right now, but emerald cut diamonds will always have that timeless, elegant appeal. This is our signature delicate pave look with a diamond detailed basket holding an awe inspiring 3 carat+ emerald cut center-stone. The shimmer from the micropave diamonds on the band plays the perfect backdrop for the large, crisp flashes of sparkle radiating from the center diamond. Watch this on repeat

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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2014 Top 10 Ladies Diamond Engagement & Wedding Ring Collection | HD

Chicago’s Premier Custom Jewelry Designers, Renowned for our Customized Diamond Jewelry and a variety of Diamond watches in not just Chicago-land area but the entire Midwest region.

** Shop online at: http://www.TreasuresJewelry.com

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1.40 ct Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring

MUST WATCH: Brand new “invisible gallery” style shown for the first time with a double-edged halo top. The delicate band slopes up ever so slightly to the edge of the halo that perfectly encases the 1.40 carat pear shape center diamond which is set as low as possible to the finger. The completely open profile view gives this #engagementring a completely open, airy profile appearance that no other design will provide. Ring is available for purchase or custom order model# SOR-14343 on www.laurenb.com

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

#Jewelers #NYC #diamonds #jewelry #NewYork #micropave #engagementrings #handmade #ring #rounddiamond #wedding #proposal #diamond #brilliant #brilliantcut #happy #love #knot #theknot #fiancee #bride-to-be #bride #engagementring #customring #diamondring #gold #platinum #laurenb #laurenbjewelry



Today’s video is quite possibly the most expensive unboxing I’ve done to date, and I am beyond excited to share this purchase with you. Surprisingly I hadn’t come across other videos reviewing the ever-so-iconic Tiffany Setting Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. There are numerous videos about “Tiffany Style” engagement rings but so few about the actual Tiffany Ring. Throughout this video I will demonstrate how the diamond appears under various lighting sources, such as under fluorescent lights of a cafe, LED lights, natural sunlight, and indoors at T&Co itself.

Here we have today a 1.55 Carat Tiffany Solitaire ring in the iconic “Tiffany Setting” with a platinum band. As you may know, the Tiffany Setting signature is comprised of an elevated diamond secured by 6 equidistant prongs, allowing the optimal amount of light to shine through. Platinum is a highly popular engagement ring setting, as it is 950 parts per 1000 of pure platinum whereas other alternatives such as gold have 750 parts per 1000 of pure gold (speaking for 18k gold).

As many may know, is is not solely about the Carat weight (one of the 4 C’s, the others being Clarity, Cut, and Color) as much as it is the cut. Tiffany prides themselves in perfecting the optimal cut to maximize the diamond at hand.

For those interested in purchasing a Tiffany ring, all T&Co rings are set to a standard size 6 in store and your first resizing is complimentary. I had to resize mine down to a 5.25 and if you are in LA like myself, it will take up to 5 business days to ship it to their Manhattan location to get resized (the only location where they resize their rings in the US). Of course, all tiffany purchases come with a Lifetime Warranty protecting against those circumstances if your diamond should fall out (not protected against a lost diamond). They recommend visiting a Tiffany location every 6 months to get your ring cleaned, which of course is complimentary as well.

This ring was purchased at the Tiffany & Co on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We were helped by the lovely sales associate, Iris Huang who was very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend visiting that store location if you are in the area or in-market for any of their jewelry pieces; their service and selection undoubtedly one of the best. Of course, expect some beyond-generously sized diamonds/sapphires in their inventory to suit the clientele of BH.

I highly recommend utilizing a safe (whether it be at your home or at a bank) for this purchase and perhaps avoiding the classic “hiding your ring in an old coat pocket” trick. In unfortunate cases I’ve read how people have accidentally donated their said clothing article and an expensive piece of jewelry has shown up at Goodwill or Salvation Army, etc. I always tell myself it is better to be safe than sorry, and as in this situation, to error on the side of caution.

__ S O C I A L M E D I A __

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BLOG: http://www.hapamodel.com/2016/03/tiffany-co-engagement-ring-tiffany.html

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Body – Canon EOS Rebel T5i http://amzn.to/1aiy1oz
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Ravelli APGL4 New Professional 70″ Tripod amzn.to/1Vex2ve

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xx Christina Marie


1.75 ct Round Diamond Engagement Ring

1.75 carat round in our RS-122 micropave wrap design. This is a popular carat weight for many because it provides enough of a visual size difference from a 1.5 carat and comes without the price tag of a 2 carat. Stay tuned

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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100 Years of Engagement Rings ★ Mode.com

Emerald cut, art deco, solitaire, princess cut, halo—engagement rings are as unique as the brides who wear them. Follow along as we recap a century’s worth of engagement-ring styles. Rings provided by: pshemonsky.com ★ Ring descriptions below.

For more info: Peter Jon Shemonsky Fine Antique and Estate Jewelry, http://www.pshemonsky.com

The round solitaire diamond ring has always maintained the number one position in terms of popularity over the past 100 years. What changes is how each era chooses to showcase the stone.

With each era come changes that are reflected in the alternative options in the shape of the diamonds as well as the mountings.

★ 1890-1900- Classic solitaire diamond ring

Solitaire Diamond Ring –Round old European-cut diamond set into a six prong mounting, 14k yellow gold

★ 1900-1920’s- The lacy white on white look becomes the benchmark of the period in fashion and in the style of jewelry of the Edwardian period.

Diamond and Platinum Ring – Round old European-cut diamond set into a pierced openwork mounting highlighted by round diamonds with mill-grain detail.

★ 1920-1930’s – The streamlined geometry of the Art Deco period becomes reflected in the style of the mountings of the era

★ Round early modern brilliant-cut diamond set into a platinum mounting highlighted by round diamonds in a pierced openwork mounting.

★ 1930-1940’s – The introduction of white gold in the late 1920’s becomes the popular metal of the period along with the “filigree” mounting which heralds back to the Edwardian period

Round old European-cut diamond, 18kt white gold “filigree” mounting

★1940’s – The 1940’s saw a shift to the use of yellow and rose gold with an increase in the scale of the jewelry.

Round old European-cut diamond, 14k yellow gold wirework mounting

★ 1945 – “War Bride Ring” the ring that every service man gave their fiancée due to the rationing of precious metals during the war years.

Round brilliant-cut diamond set in 14k white and yellow gold.

★ 1950-1960’s – The post war era once again looked back to better times with white gold and platinum becoming the preferred metal The round solitaire continues to as the stone of choice with the addition of round side stones set into the shoulders of the ring.

Round brilliant-cut diamond flanked by trios of round diamonds set in 14k white gold

★ 1960-1970 – The 1960’s saw an increased interest in fancy shaped diamonds, emerald-cut, pear, marquise and heart shaped diamonds with platinum becoming the preferred metal of choice

Emerald-cut diamond set in platinum

★ 1970-1980 – The period was all about the “gold” set with round or fancy shaped diamonds with channel set mountings with accompanying wedding bands

Marquise shaped diamond set in yellow gold with channel set round brilliant-cut diamonds with matching wedding band

★ 1980-1990 – The solitaire reigns supreme set in the classic manner with baguettes on each side.

Round brilliant-cut diamond flanked by rectangular baguettes mounted in platinum

★ 1990-2000 – The “Radiant-cut” becomes the preferred fancy shaped diamond of the period typically set with triangular side stones

Radiant-cut diamond flanked by triangular shaped diamonds mounted in 18k white gold

★ 2000-2010 – The “Princess-cut” becomes the preferred fancy shaped diamond of the period

Princess-cut diamond highlighted by round brilliant-cut diamonds set into the ring band, platinum and white gold.

★ 2010-2015 – The “Halo” mounting becomes the preferred engagement mounting with an increased demand for fancy colored diamonds.

Fancy yellow rectangular cushion cut diamond set into a platinum “Halo “ mounting highlighted by round brilliant-cut diamonds.

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How To Buy “Bling” | Diamond Buying Tips for Dudes | Engagement Ring Shopping Tutorial

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Alpha has never been more confused and out of his comfort zone than when he bought his wife’s engagement ring. He had zero idea what to expect, what he was looking at, what it should cost, or if he was getting ripped off. Clarity, color, setting, budget!? He had no idea! All he wanted was a diamond ring!

In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro has teamed up with leading online diamond bridal jeweler http://www.jamesallen.com to help viewers understand the diamond buying process including what you’re looking for, why you’re looking for it, and the different aspects of buying a diamond. Tips to save some cash are also given. The goals is to give you enough info so you know what you’re doing when you shop for some bling.

Alpha doesn’t understand the allure of diamonds. Women lose their mind over them, however. When’s the last time when you were sitting with your girl when she exclaims, “OMG, did you see the size of that ring!?”

Diamond Buying Basics

First, determine the diamonds shape. Alpha discusses each with a chart and recommends selecting ’round’ because it’s always in style & in vogue, and she’ll always love it. Other options are emerald cut , princess cut, heart, radiant, oval, marquise, asscher, and pear.

Next the four Cs are discussed:

Color – colorless is the best quality with near colorless next to the best (D,E,F,G,H). Slightly tinted, faint yellow, very light yellow, and light yellow round out the not desirable (I – Z).
Clarity – inclusions are spots that are out-of-place and less clear. The less inclusions, the more expensive the diamond. Alpha discusses with a chart (IF, VVS1, VS1, SI1, I1)
Cut – Alpha discusses the versions which dictate what the diamond looks like. The sparkle is more lustrous from the ‘ideal’ cut diamond: very shallow, shallow, ideal, deep, very deep).
Carat – the carat is the weight of the diamond and correlates to the size of the diamond.

The setting is the band and prongs that the diamond is set-in and can make the diamond look 20% larger. Buy what you can afford. Set your budget and upgrade later. Buying online can afford you a bigger diamond at a lower price.

Great Resource and Educational Tool

A great resource and educational tool is JamesAllen.com http://www.jamesallen.com. They have over 70K conflict-free diamonds to choose from. You set all of your criteria, such as diamond cut and clarity, and your results are revealed. JamesAllen.com shows you the actual diamonds that you can chose from with their HD 360° view of their diamonds– zoomed up to 40x magnification! They also have gem stones and wedding bands. Buying online with a site like JamesAllen.com is 30-50% cheaper than regular retailers. JamesAllen.com offers a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Their sales associates are non-commissioned and available 24/7. Each purchase comes with a life-time warranty, and you can get your ring resized for free.


How to buy the biggest round diamond engagement ring for your budget

With just four simple tips, Maria Doulton shows you how to maximise the size and sparkle of your round brilliant diamond.

Find out more and shop the look at:

In this video, I focus just on the round brilliant diamond, for classic engagement rings.

For its size, the round brilliant diamond gives the best sparkle and spread on the hand, as well as being more forgiving on colour and clarity than other cuts. Watch this Jewellery Editor three-minute video to learn which are the four vital questions you need to consider when looking for the perfect diamond ring.

Divided into four clear sections, I guide you through the key decisions that will make choosing a diamond engagement ring a breeze.

My first tip is to set your budget, which you would be surprised to find is not often clear in peoples’ minds.

The second is to understand what the different carat sizes look like on the hand.

Once you have decided this, you can then play with the clarity and colour, allowing you to go up or down in carat size depending on your criteria. You will be surprised how prices vary from a top colour and clarity diamond, to one with lesser specifications, which is where you can play with size for your budget.

My fourth tip is to consider different designs and the effect they create on the hand.

Watch the full video for an instant understanding of the key things you need to know when choosing the ideal engagement ring.

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1.70 carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring

This is our RS-205 design shown with a 1.70 carat round center cut diamond. This elegant cathedral style micro-pave engagement ring speaks for itself so just tap Play and enjoy your day.

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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3 carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Here is a major reason why oval diamonds are number 2 on our list of hottest engagement ring trends of 2015. Shown here in our custom made RS-217 design, this three carat oval has perfect proportions and looks absolutely breathtaking on this delicate micro-pave band. You might be thinking any three carat diamond would look impressive but an oval stone of any size always offers you a larger than average face up appearance and full sparkle. From long and slim to wide and full, we can help you select the perfect oval to complement any of our custom ring designs shown in store or on www.laurenb.com.

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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☼ QUICK TIP: How to Make your Engagement Ring REALLY Sparkle! (Cheap, Easy & Effective) ☼


I love it when my engagement ring sparkles, but I HATE having to go to the jewelry store just to see it really shine. In this video, I show you how to skip that step and simply clean your rings at home, with several products that can be readily available wherever you might be at a low cost and an effective outcome. ♡




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2 carat Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Custom 2 carat cushion cut version of VNR-13143 from our website. A spin-off of the wildly popular RS-63 design, this engagement ring features the added detail of split claw prongs, diamonds at the base of the stems and a pave wrap with a delicate edge of metal on it. This is proof that that there are always ways to personalize your ring and make it different from the rest.

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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The Official Guys’ Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring

The only information that you need to buy an engagement ring, in under four minutes.

Presented by DePrisco Jewelers. For more information, visit http://boston.deprisco.com/.

For most guys buying an engagement ring is the single biggest expense in their lives so far. And it demands a lot of pressure – is this the right ring? Will she love it? Am I getting ripped off? What’s the difference between diamonds anyways?

It’s the same part terrifying as it is exciting and you really need to get the lay of the diamond land before you make the purchase. However, it’s not as hard as it seems.

Produced by Long Haul Films


How To Buy An Engagement Ring

If you’d like to embed this video, visit:

Diamonds are forever, but how do you know that you’re getting the most bling for your buck? We’ll show you how to choose the right diamond and close a good deal for it.



Tiffany & Co. 1.14ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Save c.£4,500 off RRP at http://bloomsburymanor.com/collections/engagement-rings/products/tiffany-co-1-14ct-i-vs1-round-brilliant-cut-engagement-ring

A Tiffany® Setting solitaire with a beautiful I / VS1 diamond, certificate and original Tiffany & Co documentation. This pre-owned ring is truly stunning and is in wonderful proposal-ready condition.



Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive engagement rings for 2013.

See more videos by Diamancia here : https://www.youtube.com/user/diamancia

10. victoria becham’s engagement ring – 4,000
09. eva longoria’s engagement ring – 0,000
08. jennifer aniston’s engagement ring – M
07. catherine zeta-jones’s engagement ring – M
06. kim kashardian’s engagement – M (from k. humphries)
05. Melanie trump’s engagement ring – M
04. Mariah carey’s engagement ring – .5M
03. Paris hilton’s engagement ring – .7M
02. Beyonce’s engagement ring – M
01. Blue diamond ring by BVLGARI – .49M


The most expensive diamond engagement rings


Popping the big question can be one of the priciest events of your life. According to a recent report by Jewelers of America, couples spend an average ,000 on the engagement ring alone.
But when celebrity couples get engaged, their often public declaration of commitment is symbolized by a rock that can easily get into seven-figure territory.
Here are some of the most expensive and extravagant engagement rings out there.


Kreeli.com – Men on buying Diamond Engagement Rings (Jewellery) Online

www.kreeli.com – Kreeli Jewellery – by one of the world’s leading Diamond Manufacturer.

Men are very keen on who they buy even a Smart Phone from? And if it’s Diamond Jewellery nothing but the best will do.

Visit www.kreeli.com where every product is given utmost importance to make each of your moment special.

Cast : Vicky Arora & Parth Samthaan

Duration : 30 Seconds
Sole Rights Kreeli Jewellery

Executing Agency : First Reel Productions Pvt Ltd


Ascot Diamonds ~ Custom Engagement Rings, featuring Catherine Ryder Designs

Ascot Diamonds is one of the highest reviewed jewelers in the world with hundreds of “5-Star” online reviews.

Ascot provides exceptional quality, value and knowledge in a professional, private setting. From diamond engagement rings to wedding bands and custom jewelry, we will work carefully with you and within your specific budget range to create your very own handcrafted piece of jewelry.


What an Elegant 4.5 Carat Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A lot of brilliance are coming out on this 4.5 carat princess cut diamond engagement ring with 1.00 carat of side diamonds. If you want to avail this item feel free to call (212) 921-4647 today! Let’s talk about the affordable price.

Get a FREE 20 minute diamond consultation. Regardless of what jewelery item you are looking for, I can help. Email me at mikenekta@hotmail.com


3 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring in White Gold Halo

Impressive 3 carat center diamond set in a our custom micropave halo design. Super elegant look that looks very flattering on the hand.

Repost, comments are welcome! Please subscribe to see the latest videos and the newest designs.

Lauren B Jewelry: custom engagement rings, diamonds, fine jewelry.

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Wedding & Engagement Rings : Diamond Engagement Ring Size

The size of the diamond on an engagement ring is ultimately determined by the budget. Choose a diamond sized within a certain budget with tips from a jeweler in this free wedding rings video.

Expert: David Kruger
Contact: www.krugersjewelers.com/
Bio: David Kruger is the owner of Kruger’s Jewelers in downtown Austin, Texas.
Filmmaker: Drew Noah