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Diamond engagement rings – http://www.engagement-rings-info.org – for further information – Click the links below for details, or to buy the rings in this video – When you propose, you’ll want to have a ring. But diamond engagement rings are tricky things. How do you find the one she’ll love ’til death do us part?

The first thing you should do is look at her existing jewelry. Does she like ornate jewelry or does she keep it simple? If she works with her hands, she may need you to consider the tasks she routinely performs when you choose the ring, Engagement rings are available in just about every metal and every precious stone. Gemstone rings can be beautiful, but diamonds are the most popular selection for engagement rings. If diamonds are the thing for her, and you usually can’t lose with diamonds, you should start out by being generally aware of how to pick a good diamond. Familiarize yourself with the four C’s; cut, clarity, color, and carat. Knowing these will help you to avoid being taken advantage of by salesmen and ensure that you are getting the most for your money.

Diamond conveys beauty, wealth, and power. In ancient times as well as in the modern day setting, this precious stone is considered one of the most expensive possessions a person could ever have.

Pave setting: This is composed of one diamond that is at the center, along with a lot of small diamonds that are embedded on the metal band. The little diamonds appear to make up the whole band.

01 Pave Knife Edge – http://goo.gl/fpymQ
02 Split Shank Pave Set – http://goo.gl/PxXnI
03 Split Shank Pave Set Diamond – http://goo.gl/2x9Gu
04 Baguette and Round Pave Set – http://goo.gl/IZsIl
05 Pave Set Diamond Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/0HgIP
06 Split Shank Designer Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/3ddRX
07 Braided Pave Set Engagement Ring – http://goo.gl/SwISA

In this video are some of the best of James Allen’s engagement rings. James Allen is one of the most outstanding engagement ring retailers and well worth a look.

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