How to buy the biggest round diamond engagement ring for your budget

With just four simple tips, Maria Doulton shows you how to maximise the size and sparkle of your round brilliant diamond.

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In this video, I focus just on the round brilliant diamond, for classic engagement rings.

For its size, the round brilliant diamond gives the best sparkle and spread on the hand, as well as being more forgiving on colour and clarity than other cuts. Watch this Jewellery Editor three-minute video to learn which are the four vital questions you need to consider when looking for the perfect diamond ring.

Divided into four clear sections, I guide you through the key decisions that will make choosing a diamond engagement ring a breeze.

My first tip is to set your budget, which you would be surprised to find is not often clear in peoples’ minds.

The second is to understand what the different carat sizes look like on the hand.

Once you have decided this, you can then play with the clarity and colour, allowing you to go up or down in carat size depending on your criteria. You will be surprised how prices vary from a top colour and clarity diamond, to one with lesser specifications, which is where you can play with size for your budget.

My fourth tip is to consider different designs and the effect they create on the hand.

Watch the full video for an instant understanding of the key things you need to know when choosing the ideal engagement ring.

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