Taking Off a Diamond Engagement Ring

Learn the proper technique for taking off an engagement ring at night, before going in the shower, or washing your hands, without hurting yourself and bruising your knuckles. Expert diamond dealer Josh Fishman walks you thru the process .

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Hi. I’m Josh Fishman, president and owner of A. Fishman & Son Diamonds in New York. Welcome back to our ultimate diamond education series.

Today I would like to discuss with you something that’s not really diamond education but more of a physical education. So many women come to me with bruised knuckles from having difficulty putting on and taking off their diamond engagement rings or wedding rings, and that’s because they put them on and off incorrectly. Today I would like to show you a hands-on demonstration of what is the wrong way and the right way to put on your rings and take them off again.

We’re not talking about situations where diamond rings are stuck. There’s plenty of information where you absolutely cannot get a ring off because your fingers have become swollen, they’ve become arthritic. That’s a different issue. I’m talking about for the normal woman who is trying to put on and take off her rings and creates a problem for herself by putting them on and taking them off incorrectly.

Let’s look first at how you put on a ring.
This is a ring that I’m going to use to demonstrate on my pinky, where it will fit, the proper way of putting on and taking off a ring. But let me first demonstrate what a lot of women do in order to create a problem for themselves. First of all, they will straighten out their finger very straight, which what it does is it extends the tendons under the finger and makes the ring size for the finger size larger. So what they end up doing is they turn it, and turn it, and turn it and squeeze it on and that creates an abrasion on the outside of the ring finger. When they take it off they do the same thing. They take it off and squeeze it, and squeeze it until they finally, finally get it off. After many times what they have is a very bruised knuckle which has swollen, and that makes it even more difficult to take on and off and painful.

The proper way of putting on a ring is to keep the finger flexed, and to take it on and rock the ring back and forth. Like this back and forth over the knuckle until it goes on and then it will sit properly. The way to take it off, of course, is to do the same thing. Rock it, keep your finger flexed because it’s softer, rock it until it comes off.

If you’re going to turn it, and turn it, and try to push it on, where you’re going to be to be able to do it, you are going to create a bad bruise. That’s the secret; just rock it on and off. Now you’ll say, “Why should I do that. I’m going to dirty my diamond.” Well, it’s better to dirty a diamond and then take a cloth and just clean it off with the top of a cloth or a tissue or something like that and get that diamond clean again, then to have a problem with your finger.

That’s what you need to know in order to put your rings on and off and wear them comfortably and not bruise your fingers. To review; let’s take that finger, flex it, don’t keep it straight, take your ring, rock it back and forth, back and forth until it goes on, and to take it off rock it back and forth until it comes off. Don’t spin it around your finger. This way you won’t bruise your finger, you’ll be able to wear your rings very comfortably.
This is a general procedure for people who have relatively normal size knuckles and fingers. However, if you do have an arthritic situation, or the finger behind your knuckle is smaller, or sometimes larger than the knuckle, those are situations that have to be handled on a case-by-case basis and we can certainly help you out with that.

In the meantime, follow my advice and wear your rings comfortably and don’t bruise your fingers. Until next time, this is Josh’s Fishman saying so long. Have a great day.


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