Today’s video is quite possibly the most expensive unboxing I’ve done to date, and I am beyond excited to share this purchase with you. Surprisingly I hadn’t come across other videos reviewing the ever-so-iconic Tiffany Setting Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring. There are numerous videos about “Tiffany Style” engagement rings but so few about the actual Tiffany Ring. Throughout this video I will demonstrate how the diamond appears under various lighting sources, such as under fluorescent lights of a cafe, LED lights, natural sunlight, and indoors at T&Co itself.

Here we have today a 1.55 Carat Tiffany Solitaire ring in the iconic “Tiffany Setting” with a platinum band. As you may know, the Tiffany Setting signature is comprised of an elevated diamond secured by 6 equidistant prongs, allowing the optimal amount of light to shine through. Platinum is a highly popular engagement ring setting, as it is 950 parts per 1000 of pure platinum whereas other alternatives such as gold have 750 parts per 1000 of pure gold (speaking for 18k gold).

As many may know, is is not solely about the Carat weight (one of the 4 C’s, the others being Clarity, Cut, and Color) as much as it is the cut. Tiffany prides themselves in perfecting the optimal cut to maximize the diamond at hand.

For those interested in purchasing a Tiffany ring, all T&Co rings are set to a standard size 6 in store and your first resizing is complimentary. I had to resize mine down to a 5.25 and if you are in LA like myself, it will take up to 5 business days to ship it to their Manhattan location to get resized (the only location where they resize their rings in the US). Of course, all tiffany purchases come with a Lifetime Warranty protecting against those circumstances if your diamond should fall out (not protected against a lost diamond). They recommend visiting a Tiffany location every 6 months to get your ring cleaned, which of course is complimentary as well.

This ring was purchased at the Tiffany & Co on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. We were helped by the lovely sales associate, Iris Huang who was very helpful and accommodating. I highly recommend visiting that store location if you are in the area or in-market for any of their jewelry pieces; their service and selection undoubtedly one of the best. Of course, expect some beyond-generously sized diamonds/sapphires in their inventory to suit the clientele of BH.

I highly recommend utilizing a safe (whether it be at your home or at a bank) for this purchase and perhaps avoiding the classic “hiding your ring in an old coat pocket” trick. In unfortunate cases I’ve read how people have accidentally donated their said clothing article and an expensive piece of jewelry has shown up at Goodwill or Salvation Army, etc. I always tell myself it is better to be safe than sorry, and as in this situation, to error on the side of caution.

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Ravelli APGL4 New Professional 70″ Tripod amzn.to/1Vex2ve

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